Lantus - Use in Cats (engelstalig)

Naast Caninsulin wordt ook met Lantus insuline gewerkt (Humane insuline). Lantus wordt het meest gebruikt maar een paar katten worden om verschillende redenen met Humulin N, Insulatard of Norddisk behandeld. In dit forum kun je hier alles over lezen.
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Lantus - Use in Cats (engelstalig)

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Because of cats' faster metabolism, long-acting insulins like Lantus (and perhaps Levemir) are gaining a good reputation in veterinary research for regulating cats for a full 12 hours at a time, often better than some of their shorter-acting cousins.

Proponents of Lantus in feline use point out that it lasts a full 12 hours in many cats, has a very gentle onset, a negligible peak, and (some claim) less chance of triggering hypo or rebound than faster-acting insulins. The famous Queensland University studies[17] showed that a simple protocol (in a 24-hour monitored, veterinary environment) could bring many cats into remission in a few weeks.

Detractors say that Lantus lasts too long and causes too much overlap in some cats, whereas other cats don't achieve more than 9 hours' duration on a shot. Its action is very dependent on the individual cat's body. People have also noted that with Lantus it is difficult to time the next shot because its action often stops abruptly. Lantus is relatively expensive and poor availability in smaller vial sizes than 10mL.

Feline insulin compared with bovine, canine/porcine, human, glargine (Lantus) and detemir (Levemir). Differences, alterations and additions shown for all 6 insulins.The use of Lantus is still quite new in cats, and the collective wisdom on the best ways to do so is still being optimized. The standard protocol for Lantus has been developed by Dr. Rand at the University of Queensland in Australia[18]. In Germany, an Internet forum[19] has developed a tight regulation protocol for cats with Lantus or Levemir [20]. This latter protocol has been seen to work well and lead to remission or regulation in the majority of cats that have used it.

In cases where the duration is less than 12 hours, some cats (including Pumpkin) have had success with booster shots. In cases where the duration is more than 12 hours (e.g. Langu), caregivers need to learn to predict overlap and carryover effects. People trying to use Lantus as they would a shorter-acting insulin are often frustrated when attempting to adjust dosages based on preshot blood glucose levels. Lantus may well be an excellent choice for diabetic cats once the correct usage methods are established.

To that end, Absorption curves with Lantus in humans may be helpful to calculating carryover and overlap in cats. Absorption studies in humans[21]indicate that 24 hours after being injected, approximately 50% of the Lantus dose remained at the injection site; after 48 hours, the amount was about 20%. Cats seem to absorb and use Lantus about twice as fast as humans.

Use and Handling
Type clear
Shelf Life refrigerate, until date on package
When opened 28 days at room temp, up to 6 months when stored in the refrigerator (2C to 8C)[6]
In pen 28 days at room temp
protect from light and heat
do not mix with other insulins
do not dilute
do not prefill syringe
discard if precipitate or cloudiness
discard if frozen
Do not use intravenously[7]
Do not use intramuscularly[8]
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